Doors 03

In collaboration with Maria Mengel / VAERK-STED

Installation for the Sejerø Festival, Denmark 2012

Sejerø Festival is an annual art and music festival on a disused farm on Sejerø. The farm and its surroundings form a site-specific art exhibition that, by invited architects and artists, changes year by year in a collective rebuilding and reprogramming of the existing context.

The motif of the door is challenged by deconstruction and reconfiguration the flat surface into a habitable space – together they form a cluster of small, incipient settlements – from the private space for reflection to the social space that demands the spontaneous encounter between people. The installation is a poetic addition of concrete, new functions to the festival and a further study of the transformation from surface to space, which we have explored in the project Door 01

The project is supported by the Danish Arts Council