Double Site

installation in collaboration with Maria Mengel / VAERK-STED created as part of an exhibition series in Another Space (2014) and later published as part of the publication Sharing Territory (2015) and exhibited at The Academy in 2016.

The invited artists and architects worked site-specifically in extension of each other’s works. The form of the relay was intended to bring a situational, investigative and unpredictable character to the individual practices, posing questions about framework, process, authorship and artistic autonomy, accumulative structures and manipulation of space.

Two plywood gates at the entrance of the exhibition space formed the starting point for our installation. In response to the gates, viewed as both a threshold and an invitation, we created a series of copies that not only prolonged and reinforced the entering situation, but eventually dissolved the role and function of the portal. Two rows of gates creates a doubling situation where the hight of the gates gradually decrease and increase, creating a stepping landscape that invites the viewer to climb the installation and take it in physically. 

The project is supported by the Danish Arts Counsil