About Ida

IDA FLARUP, architect cand.arch.

E: idaflarup@vaerk-sted.com

T: +45 6168 9479

I see architecture as a common concern and I am committed to developing projects and teaching formats that unfolds the potentials of multi-voiced creation – and encourage collaboration and mutual responsibility.

Ida is trained as an architect in both London and Copenhagen. She is associate professor at the Royal Danish Academy, School of Architecture in Copenhagen at the Institute for Architecture and Culture, where she is currently head of the bachelor program Finder Sted/Taking Place. For the last 10 years she has worked intensely with architectural education programmes for children and young people, as part of her practice. 

Idas personal practice is a combination of playful poetics and large scale, physical experiments. She works in collaboration with architect and associate professor at th Academy, Maria Mengel. Their collaboration has resulted in the production of several full-scale architectural installations and exhibition designs under the name VAERK-STED; in establishing the exhibition space Modtar Projects and in artistic research with focus on the aesthetic potentials in multi-voiced creation at the Academy. Her work has been exhibitied extensively both in Denmark and internationally.

Ida has extensive knowledge of the built environment from her time as studio architect in London and as project leader in one of Copenhagen Municipality’s regeneration projects. She has a particular interest in developing meaningful formats for civic engagement and in balancing the complex relationship between the centrally controlled and the local, self-grown initiatives.  

She works closely with the teaching department at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art on developing workshops for children and young people with focus on understanding the social and cultural aspect of architecture through playful, hands on experimentation. For many years she has been part of the artist run workshops at The National Museum of Denmark (SMK)

Ida is a member of the Society of Artists and have received several work grants and project support from The Danish Arts Council, Dreyer’s Foundation and Danmarks Nationalbank’s Jubilee Fund.