Doors 01/02

In collaboration with Maria Mengel / VAERK-STED

Doors 01+02 consist of a series of full scale experiments conducted at The Danish Art Workshops and MODTAR projects in 2009-2010. The work has been exhibited as architectural installations and sculptures at ART-BUILD in Spinderhallerne, Vejle (2010) / KE10 (Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling), Carlsberg, Copenhagen (2010) and MODTAR projects (2009).

Through transformation of well-known elements of architecture the project aims to raise questions of how architecture relates to memory and atmosphere. By dissolving the flatness of the doors through a series of simple cuts, they develop into spatial elements acting as movable ‘textiles’ that can act as sculptural room dividers, screens and facade elements. 

Doors 01: In the architectural installation the doors are cut into parts that can move freely and thus dissolve and deform the surface of the door. The work invites the viewer to interaction – by moving the parts new compositions, densities, pockets and flows of light are created. The way in which the cut-out doors sit in the construction is not immediately transparent. They seem to challenge gravity, but each door is in fact placed on an ‘invisible’ metal tube acting as an an enlarged ball frame system, and they can therefore rotate independently of each other and create new formations. Exhibited at ART-BUILD in Spinderhallerne, Vejle (2010) and MODTAR projects (2009).

Doors 02 – Double doors: Sculptural elements transforming the doors into unique characters – Two doors dissolves into one – Together the sculptures appear as a flock of personalities through the way they are distorted as well as through their scratches and peeling layers of color they carry within them a memory of their past lives. Exhibited at KE10 (Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling), Carlsberg, Copenhagen (2010)

The project is developed at The Danish Art Workshops and supported by The Danish Arts Council, The National Jubilee Foundation, Nordea Foundation and Dreyers Foundation.